Where do you go to meet people? When you’re single, one of the first things your friends advise (completely unsolicited, usually) is to pursue a hobby. After all, that’s the best way to meet new people. Many of us have met significant others doing things we love the most, whether it’s sports, music, or community service. Without those hobbies, it’s quite possible you never would have crossed paths in the first place. Finally! Someone who shares my love of the art of origami and 18th century Russian literature! Those are the good examples, the real ‘serendipity’ moments. Who cares about those?

What about the hobbies you didn’t share? The hobbies your previous partners have had that drove you absolutely crazy. You may have accepted it at the time and gritted your teeth behind the scenes (or likely right in front of them) but they were terrible. Can you really tell someone you love to stop doing something they love? Probably not, you’re probably just going to add it to the long list of reasons to tell that person, “That’s Why I Dumped You.”

We discussed amongst the TWIDY team here some pet peeve hobbies of exes, and here are a few we came up with:

  • Playing the fucking guitar ALL THE TIME, even if you are trying to watch a movie, talk on the phone, have a conversation, do anything that is not guitar playing. (This TWIDY team member may have even PURCHASED a guitar and tried to learn how to play to attempt to understand the appeal and feel less annoyed. It did not work, and said guitar was recently sold on Craigslist for $150! Yay money!)
  • Obsession with movies/shows about serial killers (Honestly, it’s creepy)
  • Showw meee SCRAPBOOKING!! (Okay, this one wins, for both worst hobby and presentation)

So let us hear it, did your ex have a hobby that annoyed, disgusted, or even revolted you?! To the comments!