Hey TWIDY fans! Time for our second installment of “Ask An Expert”…because we know you still need help.

Nicole Johnson is today’s expert! Nic is a dating and relationship coach at Personal Edge Consulting and also the other half of the dynamic duo that make up Nic and Neely’s Dating Marketplace (Neely’s post can be found here), a talk show covering all things related to dating, love, sex, and relationships. TWIDY asked her five relationship questions and here are her brilliant responses:

1) How has being in relationships changed over the last 10 years?

Over the past 10 years, the evolution of technology (especially dating technology) has caused men and women to be extremely egocentric. Currently, aside from being self absorbed, people in the dating marketplace are programmed for instant gratification and have unrealistic expectations of each other. In my professional opinion, technology has crippled the dating marketplace.

2) What’s the biggest mistake people make in relationships?

One of the biggest mistakes people make in relationships is not knowing how to communicate. Effective communication is the life-blood to all successful relationships and marriages.

3) Who is your favorite celebrity couple right now?

I don’t believe in having a favorite celebrity couple. People should emulate tangible, relatable relationships. That said, aside from my own marriage, my Mother and Father have a perfect 40 year marriage. They are my inspiration!

4) What is important to ensure a strong, healthy relationship?

The ability to give and receive love is the foundation for every strong, healthy relationship. Aside from love, successful relationships are based upon chemistry, compatibility, trust, and honesty.

5) Has Facebook started more relationships than it has ended?

As a Dating and Relationship Coach, I believe Facebook does not enhance romantic relationships. From cyber-cheating to cyber-snooping, Facebook is responsible for the decadence of human relationships. The majority of men and women (especially women) do not have the capacity to control the urge to spy on present or former lovers. Additionally, Facebook has caused people to lose perspective about when to stop sharing information about themselves. A degree of mystery will always be alluring!

Thanks again Nic! Stay tuned next week when we talk with another relationship expert!