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Happy Wednesday!

We found this gem on Pinterest this morning. After some digging, it appears the creator made the board as a tribute to her current boyfriend’s ex, noting how crazy & stalky said ex is. She fails to note the inherent craziness of building a board like this in the first place, but let’s not split hairs.

Some social love, courtesy of Pinner JenN

If anyone has access to the court documents, we’re all ears.


Top 10 Things Not to Write on a Royal Wedding Card for William and Kate

Image courtesy of someecards.com

10. Look kids! Big Ben! Parliament!

9. All you need is love….um…brrrbrrbrrbrrbaderrr.

8. Please tell me you didn’t hire Coldplay.

7. Hope this marriage is stronger than your showing at the 2010 World Cup.


5. Whoa whoa whoa…. I was told Prince was going to be here.

4. Way to put the “Ass” in palace!

3. Nice vows, Shakespeare.

2. Bend her like Beckham!

1. Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.


Ask An Expert – Neely Steinberg

Neely Steinberg TWIDY fans know all about heart break – it’s time they heard from a relationship expert to guide them through the pain!

Neely Steinberg is one half of the dynamic duo that make up Nic and Neely’s Dating Marketplace, a talk show covering all things related to dating, love, sex, and relationships.  TWIDY asked her five burning relationship questions:

1) How has being in a relationship changed over the last 10 years?
I think social media has changed the name of the game a lot – relationships are harder to start and harder to maintain because of social networking sites. We are also living in a world of instant gratification, and dating ADD is rampant as a result. That’s certainly why something like online dating can be tricky – it’s the paradox of choice. You have so many options at your fingertips. Sometimes it can be hard to focus on just one person, and then you end up with nobody.

I think it can be easy in today’s day and age to fall into that trap of always looking for someone better, someone cuter, someone smarter with whom to be in a relationship, without even doing an honest self-evaluation (how smart are you? how attractive are you? etc.).

Lastly, I think the internet in general has definitely made it easier to stray from relationships. If you’re having problems with your partner, it’s a hell of a lot easier to start chatting it up with someone online instead of focusing on fixing your relationship. So that ADD mentality can extend to relationships as well. But a good thing is that people are waiting a bit longer to settle down, and I think that can be very helpful for self-growth. The divorce rate is a lot lower for couples who marry after 30.

2) What’s the biggest mistake people make in relationships?
Having ridiculously high expectations of one another.  And trying to change your partner.

3) Who is your favorite celebrity couple right now?

Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez. Kidding. Hmmm…I kind of like Reese Witherspoon and her new hubby.  Reese seems like she’s got a good head on her shoulders, and a positive and realistic approach to relationships. I just saw pictures of the two of them in some gossip magazine and they appear to be adorably happy. Then again, like most celebrity couples who look/seem so happy, they could break up a year from now.

Try never to look at other people’s relationships at face value (because then you start comparing, and that is the kiss of death). There’s often stuff going on behind the scenes, and certainly the happy celebrity couples who claim to be sooooo in love and perfect for one another are the biggest offenders of this.

4) What is important to ensure a strong, healthy relationship?

Open and constant communication (about all subjects, no matter how awkward). Putting the other first whenever possible. Don’t get lazy in your relationship (don’t fall into complacency). And knowing you are with someone who allows you to be you.

5) Has Facebook started more relationships than it has ended?

I’m afraid you’ll have to ask Zuckerberg about this one. I’m sure he’s got stats somewhere. :)

We’re all in this together…

Huge thank you to Nicole Johnson & Neely Steinberg at The Dating Marketplace with Nic and Neely for an awesome show last night on Unregular Radio!

Check out the interview with TWIDY co-founders Chris and Lisa here.


Ask An Expert – Thomas Edwards, The Professional Wingman

In an effort to get you guys in relationships, knowing you’ll end up back here anyway, here’s our latest installment of Ask an Expert! Today’s expert is Thomas Edwards, CEO of The Professional Wingman, a dating company helping individuals enhance their dating, social and professional lives through development and lifestyle strategy.

1) What is the biggest mistake guys and girls make in trying to meet someone?

Both sexes have problems with fear. For example, once they see a person they are attracted to, they freeze. The biggest mistake people make is not taking that first step, whether it’s walking over and introducing yourself (if you’re a guy), or making eye contact and smiling (if you’re a woman).

2) What’s the most important thing to look for in a wingman?

It’s most important that a wingman be quick on his feet. Sometimes you and/or your buddy can be put into a situation unexpectedly and it’s going to be your responsibility to make the best of the situation for both of you. Someone who can adapt to any situation nearly guarantees you’ll have a good night.

3) What keeps a modern relationship strong?

Independence and variety are key factors. Having a lifestyle outside of the relationship, will keep you whole. Variety can be created by changing up routine, like communication style, date activities and sexual pleasure.

4) How has the internet changed the role of the wingman over the past few years? Has it made things easier or more difficult for you?

I believe a wingman can do so much more with the internet — if you know what you’re doing. We are more transparent and exposed than ever before thanks to the internet so our responsibilities as a wingman have evolved. People now care about your social circle and it’s a direct reflection of you.

5) What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?

A guy went up to a woman with a notepad and told her he was conducting a survey on attractive women dating average guys. She had a good laugh — whether it was at him or with him is still unknown — but after that died out, the conversation went nowhere quickly.

So there you have it! More great advice. Take it, love it, live it. And if you’re still stuck being single, you’re always welcome here. Home (TWIDY) is where the (broken) heart is!


Everybody act cool.

Can you ever really share “too much information?” Is that even a thing? Oversharing? Answer: yes, yes, a million times yes. (We’re looking at you, ear wax girl, and you, guy who just described what happens the morning after you eat $19 worth of Wendys with no actual mention of how it affected your relationship. And especially you, other guy with the nosey dog, just, no.) But we won’t, we promise.

Welcome to TMI – The TWIDY blog! Be sure to check back for all things break-up, as well as the results of some cool games we’re going to be running on Twitter and Facebook.

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We’ll also offer some relationship advice. Just kidding, no we won’t. We are in no way qualified to offer you relationship advice, besides telling you to not repeat the actions you just submitted. That’s your best chance for success. That, and not dating Chris or Lisa.

Also, please reach out to us with any questions, comments, concerns and so on. We are here for you. Unlike that girl that cheated on you with her ex in the back of your car. Or that guy who still wears the shell necklace.

Now go break some hearts and tell us about it.

-Tom, Matt, Lisa and Chris

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Tonight’s the night…

TWIDY fans, it’s finally here!

This month has been more fun than a stuffy dress-up family brunch an hour away with someone you only marginally like that’s making you miss a pivotal playoff game, and with Valentine’s Day looming, it’s time to celebrate!

As a thank you for all your incredible support since our launch, we’re throwing a party tonight at Lansdowne Pub next to Boston’s historic Fenway Park.

You’ll be able to meet the founders, record live TWIDY confessionals, enjoy some fake wedding cake and free apps, see the site in action with instant live posting, and rock out until 2am with some of Boston’s best live music from BearFight. I KNOW right? We’re pumped too.

Be sure to arrive early, party starts at 8pm, with a $5 door charge after 9pm!

(Click the flyer for your official Facebook invite…)