Cry Me a River

You know what makes us feel better when we dealing with a break up? Alcohol. But since we can’t blog that to you….yet….(Looking at you, Science)…we went to our next best option: music.

Some songs just speak to your soul and heal your heart and distract your mind. And also say “F You” to that girl. And that guy. And they deserve it!

The TWIDY team pulled together our Top 10 Breakup Songs.

In no particular order…..

[10] No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley

[9] Lovefool – Cardigans

[8] Broken Glass – Annie Lennox (Ouch, right?)

[7] Rolling in the Deep – Adele

[6] Estranged – Guns N’ Roses

[5] Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley

[4] Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper (Editor’s note: This song makes me hate being with a girl at any point in my life, it’s so grating)

[3] F You – Cee Lo

[2] Goodbye to You – Patty Smyth

[1] Love Bites – Def Leppard

Agree? Disagree? Let us know! We’d love to hear your top breakup songs in the comment section!


Top 10 Things Not to Write on a Royal Wedding Card for William and Kate

Image courtesy of someecards.com

10. Look kids! Big Ben! Parliament!

9. All you need is love….um…brrrbrrbrrbrrbaderrr.

8. Please tell me you didn’t hire Coldplay.

7. Hope this marriage is stronger than your showing at the 2010 World Cup.


5. Whoa whoa whoa…. I was told Prince was going to be here.

4. Way to put the “Ass” in palace!

3. Nice vows, Shakespeare.

2. Bend her like Beckham!

1. Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.


Ask An Expert – Nic Johnson

Hey TWIDY fans! Time for our second installment of “Ask An Expert”…because we know you still need help.

Nicole Johnson is today’s expert! Nic is a dating and relationship coach at Personal Edge Consulting and also the other half of the dynamic duo that make up Nic and Neely’s Dating Marketplace (Neely’s post can be found here), a talk show covering all things related to dating, love, sex, and relationships. TWIDY asked her five relationship questions and here are her brilliant responses:

1) How has being in relationships changed over the last 10 years?

Over the past 10 years, the evolution of technology (especially dating technology) has caused men and women to be extremely egocentric. Currently, aside from being self absorbed, people in the dating marketplace are programmed for instant gratification and have unrealistic expectations of each other. In my professional opinion, technology has crippled the dating marketplace.

2) What’s the biggest mistake people make in relationships?

One of the biggest mistakes people make in relationships is not knowing how to communicate. Effective communication is the life-blood to all successful relationships and marriages.

3) Who is your favorite celebrity couple right now?

I don’t believe in having a favorite celebrity couple. People should emulate tangible, relatable relationships. That said, aside from my own marriage, my Mother and Father have a perfect 40 year marriage. They are my inspiration!

4) What is important to ensure a strong, healthy relationship?

The ability to give and receive love is the foundation for every strong, healthy relationship. Aside from love, successful relationships are based upon chemistry, compatibility, trust, and honesty.

5) Has Facebook started more relationships than it has ended?

As a Dating and Relationship Coach, I believe Facebook does not enhance romantic relationships. From cyber-cheating to cyber-snooping, Facebook is responsible for the decadence of human relationships. The majority of men and women (especially women) do not have the capacity to control the urge to spy on present or former lovers. Additionally, Facebook has caused people to lose perspective about when to stop sharing information about themselves. A degree of mystery will always be alluring!

Thanks again Nic! Stay tuned next week when we talk with another relationship expert!


Ask An Expert – Thomas Edwards, The Professional Wingman

In an effort to get you guys in relationships, knowing you’ll end up back here anyway, here’s our latest installment of Ask an Expert! Today’s expert is Thomas Edwards, CEO of The Professional Wingman, a dating company helping individuals enhance their dating, social and professional lives through development and lifestyle strategy.

1) What is the biggest mistake guys and girls make in trying to meet someone?

Both sexes have problems with fear. For example, once they see a person they are attracted to, they freeze. The biggest mistake people make is not taking that first step, whether it’s walking over and introducing yourself (if you’re a guy), or making eye contact and smiling (if you’re a woman).

2) What’s the most important thing to look for in a wingman?

It’s most important that a wingman be quick on his feet. Sometimes you and/or your buddy can be put into a situation unexpectedly and it’s going to be your responsibility to make the best of the situation for both of you. Someone who can adapt to any situation nearly guarantees you’ll have a good night.

3) What keeps a modern relationship strong?

Independence and variety are key factors. Having a lifestyle outside of the relationship, will keep you whole. Variety can be created by changing up routine, like communication style, date activities and sexual pleasure.

4) How has the internet changed the role of the wingman over the past few years? Has it made things easier or more difficult for you?

I believe a wingman can do so much more with the internet — if you know what you’re doing. We are more transparent and exposed than ever before thanks to the internet so our responsibilities as a wingman have evolved. People now care about your social circle and it’s a direct reflection of you.

5) What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?

A guy went up to a woman with a notepad and told her he was conducting a survey on attractive women dating average guys. She had a good laugh — whether it was at him or with him is still unknown — but after that died out, the conversation went nowhere quickly.

So there you have it! More great advice. Take it, love it, live it. And if you’re still stuck being single, you’re always welcome here. Home (TWIDY) is where the (broken) heart is!


A Valentine’s Haiku War…

Dear Girl I Live With,
Love is patient, Love is kind
But I’m not, get out.


Dear Boy on MY Couch,
Take your XBox and shove it
I’m keeping the cat.


Keep the cat, lady
Go kick start your collection
You’re gonna miss me.


You can’t cook or clean
The sex is sub-par at best
You have no life skills.


Drinking wine, crying,
Watching Sex & the City
Is not a life skill.

You aren’t even nice
F*ck this I’m building a site
To tell the whole world…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Got any poems of your own? We’d LOOOOVE to see them. Post in the comments!


We’re all in this together…

Huge thank you to Nicole Johnson & Neely Steinberg at The Dating Marketplace with Nic and Neely for an awesome show last night on Unregular Radio!

Check out the interview with TWIDY co-founders Chris and Lisa here.


Let’s Do Something Together…

Where do you go to meet people? When you’re single, one of the first things your friends advise (completely unsolicited, usually) is to pursue a hobby. After all, that’s the best way to meet new people. Many of us have met significant others doing things we love the most, whether it’s sports, music, or community service. Without those hobbies, it’s quite possible you never would have crossed paths in the first place. Finally! Someone who shares my love of the art of origami and 18th century Russian literature! Those are the good examples, the real ‘serendipity’ moments. Who cares about those?

What about the hobbies you didn’t share? The hobbies your previous partners have had that drove you absolutely crazy. You may have accepted it at the time and gritted your teeth behind the scenes (or likely right in front of them) but they were terrible. Can you really tell someone you love to stop doing something they love? Probably not, you’re probably just going to add it to the long list of reasons to tell that person, “That’s Why I Dumped You.”

We discussed amongst the TWIDY team here some pet peeve hobbies of exes, and here are a few we came up with:

  • Playing the fucking guitar ALL THE TIME, even if you are trying to watch a movie, talk on the phone, have a conversation, do anything that is not guitar playing. (This TWIDY team member may have even PURCHASED a guitar and tried to learn how to play to attempt to understand the appeal and feel less annoyed. It did not work, and said guitar was recently sold on Craigslist for $150! Yay money!)
  • Obsession with movies/shows about serial killers (Honestly, it’s creepy)
  • Showw meee SCRAPBOOKING!! (Okay, this one wins, for both worst hobby and presentation)

So let us hear it, did your ex have a hobby that annoyed, disgusted, or even revolted you?! To the comments!