Top 10 Things Not to Write on a Royal Wedding Card for William and Kate

Image courtesy of someecards.com

10. Look kids! Big Ben! Parliament!

9. All you need is love….um…brrrbrrbrrbrrbaderrr.

8. Please tell me you didn’t hire Coldplay.

7. Hope this marriage is stronger than your showing at the 2010 World Cup.


5. Whoa whoa whoa…. I was told Prince was going to be here.

4. Way to put the “Ass” in palace!

3. Nice vows, Shakespeare.

2. Bend her like Beckham!

1. Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.


We’re all in this together…

Huge thank you to Nicole Johnson & Neely Steinberg at The Dating Marketplace with Nic and Neely for an awesome show last night on Unregular Radio!

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A Valentine’s Haiku War…

Dear Girl I Live With,
Love is patient, Love is kind
But I’m not, get out.


Dear Boy on MY Couch,
Take your XBox and shove it
I’m keeping the cat.


Keep the cat, lady
Go kick start your collection
You’re gonna miss me.


You can’t cook or clean
The sex is sub-par at best
You have no life skills.


Drinking wine, crying,
Watching Sex & the City
Is not a life skill.

You aren’t even nice
F*ck this I’m building a site
To tell the whole world…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Got any poems of your own? We’d LOOOOVE to see them. Post in the comments!


Tonight’s the night…

TWIDY fans, it’s finally here!

This month has been more fun than a stuffy dress-up family brunch an hour away with someone you only marginally like that’s making you miss a pivotal playoff game, and with Valentine’s Day looming, it’s time to celebrate!

As a thank you for all your incredible support since our launch, we’re throwing a party tonight at Lansdowne Pub next to Boston’s historic Fenway Park.

You’ll be able to meet the founders, record live TWIDY confessionals, enjoy some fake wedding cake and free apps, see the site in action with instant live posting, and rock out until 2am with some of Boston’s best live music from BearFight. I KNOW right? We’re pumped too.

Be sure to arrive early, party starts at 8pm, with a $5 door charge after 9pm!

(Click the flyer for your official Facebook invite…)


Enough said.




Cry Me a River

You know what makes us feel better when we dealing with a break up? Alcohol. But since we can’t blog that to you….yet….(Looking at you, Science)…we went to our next best option: music.

Some songs just speak to your soul and heal your heart and distract your mind. And also say “F You” to that girl. And that guy. And they deserve it!

The TWIDY team pulled together our Top 10 Breakup Songs.

In no particular order…..

[10] No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley

[9] Lovefool – Cardigans

[8] Broken Glass – Annie Lennox (Ouch, right?)

[7] Rolling in the Deep – Adele

[6] Estranged – Guns N’ Roses

[5] Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley

[4] Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper (Editor’s note: This song makes me hate being with a girl at any point in my life, it’s so grating)

[3] F You – Cee Lo

[2] Goodbye to You – Patty Smyth

[1] Love Bites – Def Leppard

Agree? Disagree? Let us know! We’d love to hear your top breakup songs in the comment section!


You’re Kidding, Right?

Oh hey Valentine’s Day! The gratuitous annual love fest is quickly approaching. Sure, you may have a heart-warming story about an amazing gift you received from your current or previous significant others. Adorable.

Like most people, we have absolutely no interest in hearing about that.

We want the dirt. Have you ever been dating someone and then been so dumb-founded or disgusted with a gift they gave you that you had no choice but to dump them on the spot? If so, tell us about it. We’d love to hear your stories about the worst Valentine’s day gift you’ve received. We’ll feature the best (re: worst) ones right here on TMI!

Submit your responses as comments to this blog!